Strange Aeons with friends

People of Interest
Dopplegangers are scary friends

Since we'll be facing more dopplegangers, here are the people we already know, and any suspicions that may have arrisen during the session.

Winter: Priestess of Pharasma, claims to have been sent to Briarstone by a Royal Accuser, who believed something nefarious was going on in the Asylum. There was mention of a nobleman who abandoned his post and supposedly frequented the Asylum. Nothing has confirmed or denied these claims as of yet, and Winter appears to truly care for the people in her care. 

Captain Vaustin: Leader of the guards protecting the chapel. Nothing solid about his character yet, though he appears suspicious of others.

Anyone outside of the Sanctuary: Any "survivor" should be taken with a grain of salt outside of the Chapel, as seen in the case of the Doctor, Iso. Dopplegangers have no known weaknesses we can easily exploit as a way of identifying them, so having a plan to possibly question or identify dopplegangers is needed. 

Be warned: variets of Dopplegangers have been confirmed. At the very least, they can have mesmeric abilities.

Clearing the First Wing
Session 2 Sum Up

Found work orders from Head Nurse, Deliadde, to Finchley, the grounds keeper. Neither have made an appearance in the campaign so far. It appears as the staff for the most part has been slain by the creates that came from the earthquake/fog appearance/monster spewing. 

The Chapel of Pharasma at the end of the barricaded hallway appears to be the one place of sanctuary within the explored areas of the Asylum, which as been identified as Briarstone Asylum. The head priestess, Winter, was sent to the Asylum on the orders of a Royal Accuser. 

Throughout the Asylum, we've accounted haunted creates, dopplegangers and other manner of supernatural beings. It appears as though the dopplegangers aren't working as one combined unit, as one of them, the Doctor, was experimenting on her own kind, as well as other patients in the Asylum. It's safe to assume that some of these patients were turned into ghouls or other forms of undead beasts, but the chance of survivors is still viable. 

In the makeshift surgical section, a man, later identified to be a possible Apostle of some form of pretty scary deity, was found alongside a recently turned ghoul. Both were later killed, but the Apostle said these three words over and over, so it may play importance later on dow the road:

"Praise" "Words Fail" "Zandalus sees!"

The Doctor, under the disguise of a young woman named Iso, attempted ot trick the party into sparing her, thus taking her to the sanctuary, but ultimately failed. 

After bringing 3 doppleganger bodies to the barricades, the party was allowed entrance into the chapel, and became allies with the people within. In return for their aid, the party agreed to help the people of the chapel and ultimately escape the Asylum. 

For about 4 days the party helps the survivors through various means: (tending to the wounded, providing firewood and cooking). The party also finished exploring the wing of the Asylum, even venturing outside to see that even the weather seems to be against them in this place. 

It is also revealed that only the party members have amnesia, and no records in the Asylum place anyone as a patient or a staff member prior to waking up in Briarstone. The Chapel also appears to be a sanctuary against the nightmares which plagued the party the first night in the Asylum, which may suggest divine intervention, and infernal, or rival deity presences in the area. 


pouch with 3 platinum

pearl of power


scroll of sanctuary

2x scroll of cure light wounds

wand of lesser restoration (7 charges)

ammonia tear pint

Potion of cure moderate wounds

wand of cure light wounds x32 charges

potion of remove disease

+1 War Razor

Ring of Protection

8 Pouches of 50 gold

wand of command x38

elixer of truth

Book: Chain of nights

bracers of armor +2

Bag of holding

pouch of coins (500 g)


GOLD:  570+2158+50+2151+48+500+450+1000+2000+30

TOTAL: 2239

Chain shirt x2

 Rapier x2

Sap x2


oil of magic weapons x2

potion of cure light wounds x2

potions of vanish x2

potion of nondetection

scroll of protection from energy

wand of death kneel x18


6 plat


XP Lords XP list of lists
of all time

Errbody 13250 total

200 from Mileena

400 from cthuthonic nightmare 

150 for nightmare aids rats

600 for new frens

100 for centipedes

150 for doppleganger mk2

200 for gross splodey lady

300 for doppleganger mk3 (backstabby)

100 chain ghoul

400 wheezard rats

400 Rat King fren

200 dead babies

150 Stupid Mist Chick

100 bird haunt

300 apostles

800 records

800 Lowis is cray

200 more yallow dudes

200 haunt unhaunted

800 crept on spoopy ceremony

300 eyeball dream lizard

200 timmeh

200 divinely stopped ghouls

200 falling wall (yellin timber)

450 Ghouls and evil doggo

300 ghouls

150 mistspitter

400 noticorn

300 ghouls

400 Gurrand Mah

600 Hall of Doom

400 Zandalus

600 Tatterman

1600 saw a painter


800 from memories

400 cultists

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